Purdue alumnus Emil Stefanov dies at 26

A photo of Stefanov, from his personal website.

Mike Young | Editor-in-Chief

Purdue computer science alumnus Emil Stefanov passed away in his home last Thursday, March 27. At this time, the Purdue Review does not have any information on the cause of his death at the age of 26.

Stefanov graduated with bachelor’s degrees in honors computer science, mathematics, and computer science mathematics, according to an article published by Chloee Weiner at the Daily Californian. The Daily Californian is the newspaper of Berkeley, California, where Stefanov was studying to receive his PhD at UC Berkeley.

The paper reports that Stefanov may be awarded his doctorate posthumously.

Around Purdue, Stefanov’s name is most closely associated with his online scheduling tool, used to help students plan out what courses to take during their registration periods. The application does not feature an option to register for Fall of 2014, and may never be updated.

From his obituary:

Though Stefanov attended high school in Indiana, he was born in Bulgaria, where much of his extended family still lives, according to Chris Campbell, a friend of the Stefanov family…

Stefanov is survived by his parents, Plamen and Paola Stefanov; maternal grandparents, Nadezhda Blagoeva and Kiril Blagoev; and paternal grandparents, Anna Stefanova and Dimitar Stefanov.

Although family members are still deciding how to best memorialize Stefanov, UC Berkeley community members may host a local service for him in the coming weeks.

You can read the entire obituary here.

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