Meet the Candidates: Minjae Kim and Kaitlyn Steffus

by Kenny Nguyen | Managing Editor


Student Body President Candidate
Junior from Changwon, South Korea
Major: Supply Chain & Information Analytics and Management, Minors: Theatre and Italian
Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Purdue Student Government
President & Co-Founder, Purdue GloKo
Director of Campus Traditions, Purdue Alumni Student Experience (PASE)
Purdue Student Government Liaison Officer & Active Member, International Leaders Council
Active Member, Purdue Recreational Sports Club Sports Council (CSC)
Active Member, Purdue Recreational Sports Intramural Student Advisory Board (IMSAB)
Purdue Student Government Liaison Officer, Purdue 360
Purdue Student Government Liaison Officer, Purdue Cross Cultural Organization (PCCO)
Treasurer, Purdue Korean Futbol Club (PKFC)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kimlab
Member, The Anvil
Phi Kappa Tau (PKT) Fraternity

Vice Presidential Candidate
Kaitlyn Steffus
Sophomore from Valparaiso, Indiana
Major: Elementary and Special Education Dual Major
Director of Communications, Purdue Student Government
Undergraduate Representative, Teacher Education Council
Media and Membership Chair, Purdue AAUW

1.  Why are you interested in running for President and Vice President of Purdue Student Government?

One of my favorite quotes if from a French philosopher, Jean-Paul Satre.  “Life is C(Choice) between B(Birth) and D(Death).  I decided to make a choice.  You may know Purdue Student Government (PSG) exists, but you may not know what PSG exactly does.  We will change Student Government that matters to you.  We want PSG to be a connecting point between person and person, groups and student orgs, student and faculty, school and school, major and department, community and University, past and future, Purdue and the World.  But most importantly, because you deserve better.  We will change PSG to make you SMILE (Service, Money, Inclusion, Legacy, Engage).


2.  What are your dreams for Purdue Student Government and Purdue University?

We will change PSG to make people SMILE!

PSG Freshmen Mentoring Facebook Group:
a. Collaborating with the Office of Admissions
b.  Welcoming prospective students from the Class of 2019 during this summer by connecting PSG officers via Facebook group to answer questions such as “Which residence hall is good?”, “Which dining court food is delicious?”
PSG Portal Website:
a.  Renovating current PSG website (
b.  Transforming it as the composite online platform linking to popular Purdue applications and URLs
Default ITaP Computer Homepage:
a.  Students’ higher retention rate to access to PSG website
b.  Communicating PSG updates and information to students via the online platform

SOGA Funding Reformation
a.  Advocating for changing one funding period per semester to two funding periods
b.  Sharing SOGA applicants’ events and projects via online community after funding period
Student Organization Case Competition during Spring Semesters
a.  Every student organizations are equal
b.  Student organization leaders presenting creative projects/ideas
c.  Festival open to public, and funding rewards for projects

Online Petitioning Platform via the Online Community
a.  Supplement WTF Purdue
b.  Delivers ideas to PSG, we work on thos ideas, and carry them to Purdue Administration
c.  Building connections between The Anvil and students via PSG online platform
d.  Sharing ideas, projects, initiatives, etc.
Facebook Groups that Link Colleges/Councils/PSG
a.  College Facebook groups managed by College Councils and Senators
b.  Expanding Piazza (Instructor-students’ classroom community) from CS and Engineering classes
c.  Revamping Cash for Collaborations

PSG Talk Show/Conference
a.  Collaborations with Purdue Leaders Forum & TEDx PurdueU
b.  Speakers by colleges related to students’academic interests
c.  Purdue Deans’ Panel
One Purdue Foundation
a.  Granting scholarships to those who are admitted but cannot afford to come
b.  PSG will continue expanding the funding pot
Students Promoting Purdue to the Rest of the World
a.  Everyone is a Purdue Ambassador
b.  Post daily pictures of taking classes, doing experiments, working on EPICS program, getting involved in student orgs, etc.
c.  A competition among collges

Organizing a Community Service Event for Campus
a.  Students are a part of the greater Lafayette/West Lafayette community
b.  Service is an important part of citizenship
c.  We all should give back to the community that gives us so much
Interaction with Local High School College Panel
a.  PSG’s college panel sessions to share experiences and answer questions
b.  West Lafayette, Jefferson, Lafayette Catholics, Harrison, McCutcheon, etc.

Purdue, it’s time to wake up… and SMILE! 🙂


Elections take place on April 6-8.  Vote on BoilerLink.


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