A Decade In: The Review Reflects

Dear Reader,

On February 20th, 2006 the Purdue Review began a long and rocky journey to become what it is today. A little over ten years ago, the first print of the Review debuted, covering a then widely controversial campus visit by Ann Coulter. Amid a massive crowd of students, the founders of the Review passed out an ambitious first issue. Shortly after, the Exponent threatened to sue the Review for allegedly stealing copies of their paper and throwing them in the garbage. To their disappointment, it was not the Review but students who had committed such an act. Nevertheless, the debut of the paper saw its founders sitting in the West Lafayette Police Department due to the accusation; nothing if not an interesting start to an ambitious endeavor.

Perhaps the founders of the Review were too ambitious for their own good. Inspired by the idea of a counterweight to the status quo of politically correct daily news, our founders desired a medium and platform to discuss the controversial and the voiceless. Those original members, determined to succeed, drove across state-lines to find a printing press for their publication. Now, ten years later, the current staff of the Review can say with certainty that their vision was not too ambitious nor too controversial, rather, it was necessary.

The Review has grown and shrunk, succeeded and failed in the past decade. From having a print issue every few months to a monthly news cycle and now a weekly one, we have come far from our founding days. And yet, much can change in ten years. In 2009, the Purdue Review incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2012, we switched to a magazine format to better exemplify the quality of our design team. And now, in 2016, we have gone digital. Though we and many others lament the belief that print media is dying, this choice provides us with the unique opportunity to truly pursue our passion – a deep and un-censored reporting of Purdue. We prioritize journalism and quality over all else. We aim to investigate honestly and report objectively all which we believe the public deserves to know. We hope to give voice to those who would otherwise remain voiceless. To cover that which would otherwise not be covered. To start a conversation on campus that engenders genuine constructive change.

In the coming weeks, our new online medium and news format will be realized. To those who have followed us from the beginning, we thank you for your support. And to those who have never heard of us before, we look forward to earning your trust and engagement.



The Review

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