Somehow, it’s already that time of the year again. Tonight at 7:00pm the Boilermakers will take on IU at Mackey Arena on senior night. As if Purdue fans needed any more reason to get hyped, it is also a special night because a win would mean Purdue would become conference champions for the first time since 2010.


Sitting comfortably ranked number 16 in the nation and playing in front of one of the fiercest crowds in sports, one almost has to feel bad for the Hoosiers – almost.


According to ESPN, the Boilers opened yesterday as 10 point favorites. In my opinion, I feel that number should be closer to 15. Nothing has gone well for Tom Crean’s Hoosiers this year. Injuries have plagued the team and they managed to have several embarrassing losses – including one to Fort Wayne.


Taking away the fact that Purdue is 14-2 at home and the that crowd will be insane, the statistics are still in the Boilers favor.





3 point % 41%


FT %



FG %





So, how does the Purdue Review expect it to go? Purdue will win the Big 10 Conference tonight for the 23rd time after defeating IU by a score of 82 – 67. Caleb Swanigan will grab his 24th double-double of the year. Watch for the trio of Vince Edwards, Carson Edwards, and Dakoda Mathias to light up the scoreboard.


If you can’t make it to the game it will be broadcasted on ESPN 2.