Legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Announces Retirement

Longtime Penn State Football Coach Joe “Joe Pa” Paterno announced today that he wishes to retire at the end of this season. Anyone in the Big 10 has been well aware of the presence Joe Pa’s had. He started out as an assistant coach in 1950. He then took over the head coaching position in 1966.

During his now 46 year tenure he led his school to 409 wins thus far! He also has 24 bowl game wins, 3 Big Ten titles, and 2 national championships. Among the bowl wins, he is the only coach to have a win in each of the modern, major bowls.  Joe Pa is the first and only member of the FBS community to have have broken the 400 win barrier.

Coach Joe Parterno’s career is unlike anything we have ever seen before. His absence will be felt, not only in the Big 10, but across college football.

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