Historic Rivals Bump Heads

by Hope Spalding | staff writer

As any good Boilermaker knows, IU sucks. Most importantly, if you’re from Indiana, you love basketball. Therefore, the Purdue vs IU basketball game is a huge deal.

Since the 1901, according to records on the Purdue basketball sports webpage this is the earliest year of being rivals with IU, Purdue has won consistently 113 times to IU, who has only won 89 times. The rivalry, however, did not sprout until 1940 when IU beat Purdue twice and went on to win the NCAA championship according to Kelsey Sullivan.

ESPN reports the AP’s ranking on their website. IU was ranked 22 in the nation with a record of 15-5. Purdue does not make the list with a record of 12-8. What does this say for the Purdue vs IU game?

“[The record] doesn’t really say anything because the rivalry is so big that it supersedes every other game of the year, basically,” says Kaden Shoaf, freshman at Purdue, “We could lose every other game of the year, but as long as we beat IU, we have a successful season.” It seems Kaden is right, especially about how seriously the students take this game.

People started lining up the doors of Mackey before 6:30 pm; staff doesn’t let in Paint Crew until 7:45 pm then general admission in at 8 pm. That is not even the beginning of how excited Boilermakers were last night. Many students dressed up in the usual black and gold, but a few took that extra step. Looking around there were people in black and gold candy striped clothing, animal suits (a couple being a giraffe and an elephant), a torn referee jersey, an orange body suit, and of course the black and yellow Mohawk hat with face make up.

The excitement continued even into the teams’ warm ups and starting line ups. Purdue’s warm up consisted of a dunk contest that jazzed up the crowd. As IU came onto the floor fans booed and chanted, “IU sucks!” as loud as they could. The starting lineup could not be heard over the booing.

Purdue won the tip by A.J. Hammons and the first bucket was by Dakota Mathias. After that there was a turnover by IU’s Collin Hartman, which resulted in no points. Early in the game there were plenty of turnovers on both sides. With 12:26 left in the first half, Purdue was up over IU 15-6, and a time out was called by IU.

The players got back on the paint and both teams gained a few points. Then as an IU player makes a shot, Hammons blocks the shot and sends the ball into the stands. “From the stands you could see the energy Hammons was playing with. He was aggressive and continued to bring momentum to the floor. The leadership was evident and according to his stats, his presence undeniable. Hammons and the rest of the team deserved that win,” Kristen Meal said.

With 7:58 left in the first half, Purdue called a timeout after reaching 22-12. Nearly a minute on the time clock later, Purdue was up 15 points.

2 seconds left in the first half; fans went wild after Kendall Stephens hit a buzzer beater putting Purdue at 36-27. After halftime, Purdue opens with a 10 point run putting them at 46-27 at 17:12 left in the second half. The game ended with a 16 point win over the Hoosiers (83-67).

A.J. Hammons had a career high in blocks (8). Purdue’s leading scorers were Raphael Davis (19), Hammons (11), and Bryson Scott (11).

The next matchup in the historical rivalry is February 19th in Bloomington at Assembly Hall. “If we win this next game we will most definitely prove that Boilermakers are better than Hoosiers! I mean, what’s a Hoosier anyway?” said Taylor Busch.

For individual player statistics, go to http://espn.go.com/ncb/boxscore?gameId=400595489.

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