Purdue Research Park houses MorNuCo

By Maha Ali | Staff Writer

Purdue Research Park is home to several private businesses and companies.  Many of these companies conduct cutting-edge research that leads to the creation of innovative new technologies and products.  One such product is the ONCOblot test, a test that can detect cancer in its early stages.  This product was created by MorNuCo Inc., a biotechnology company with roots in West Lafayette.

MorNuCo was co-founded by D. James Morré and Dorothy Morré in 2011.  Both co-founders have ties with Purdue University, as both husband and wife are former Purdue professors of medicinal chemistry and foods and nutrition, respectively.  MorNuCo specializes in generating advanced products that improve the quality of healthcare.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the idea of the ONCOblot test was conceived at this company.

The ONCOblot is a blood serum test that detects cancer using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and western blot procedures.  The analysis is used to determine whether a particular protein is present in the blood sample.  The presence of the protein in the patient’s blood is indicative of cancer being present in the body, as the protein’s existence correlates only to malignant cancerous cells.

“What we have is an incredibly sensitive test that is able to detect cancer at very early stages, starting at stage 0,” said Nick Miner, MorNuCo’s Vice President of Business Development.  This laboratory test is quite unique, both in its capacity to detect cancer in very early stages and in its ability to differentiate between several kinds of cancers.

Ultimately, the ONCOblot test is an example of one of the many innovative products being made through private companies at Purdue Research Park.  This product has the potential to truly influence cancer diagnostics and supplement other cancer detection products to change cancer screening for the better.