VanBogaert explains resignation from City Council

by Mike Young | Editor-in-Chief

West Lafayette City Councilman Eddie VanBogaert resigned last week, ending a three-year career in the city’s governing body.

First appointed in 2011 (and later elected), VanBogaert helped create the city’s first IT department. He also chaired the City Council’s Purdue Relations Committee and supported the recent annexation of Purdue University into West Lafayette.

An interview with VanBogaert was featured in the Purdue Review’s inaugural print edition.

In an email, VanBogaert explained that he left the City Council in order to relocate to Chicago.

I’m still deliberating between a few offers, but I stepped down from my position to pursue career opportunities in Chicago. With my graduate work ending, these are things I just can’t pass up for professional and financial reasons. It also brings me closer to my extended family, something that’s very important to me personally. 

I’ve loved West Lafayette since I first moved into Cary Quad as a freshman almost a decade ago. It’s been an absolute honor to represent my fellow students, first as an undergraduate and later as a grad student. As of the longest serving D1 council members in recent history, I’m proud of what the City has been able to achieve during my tenure with the help of student leaders, especially the campus annexation and the more than $100M in new commercial and residential development that has been brought to the near-campus area over the past three and a half years. 

When the election for this seat starts in five months [sic], I hope there are many students and recent graduates willing to step forward for the challenge.

Nick DeBoer was sworn in to replace VanBogaert at Monday night’s City Council meeting. DeBoer was VanBogaert’s campaign treasurer and served as President Pro Tempore of the Purdue Student Government Senate while at Purdue.

VanBogaert and DeBoer have been friends since 2008, and DeBoer was aware that VanBogaert’s resignation was imminent since the beginning of August. Following procedures outlined by the state of Indiana, DeBoer’s name was offered by Tippecanoe Democrat Party Chairwoman Heather Maddox to take VanBogaert’s spot.

DeBoer will face re-election in November 2015, but has not yet decided if he will defend the seat.



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