Senate Candidate Todd Young chats with Boilermakers

By Evan Myers, Editor-In-Chief

Friday, January 29, 2016

Republican Todd Young, Congressman of Indiana’s 9th district and self-described “pro-life, pro-gun Marine who wants to repeal and replace Obamacare,” visited with Purdue Students at Krach Leadership center January 29 to gather support in his ongoing campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Young is a Marine-Corps veteran residing in Bloomington who is currently serving his third term representing Indiana’s 9th district. Young hosted a question and answer session with attending Purdue students in which he went into further detail about his discontent with left-wing legislators in Washington and what paths he planned to take to counter them.

Young said he prioritizes visiting college campuses because elections are about the future, a topic that college students in particular are constantly thinking about.

“You really are our future,” Young said. “You’re our future leaders, especially in an institution like Purdue.”

Young added that visiting Purdue was all part of touching base with young and old Hoosiers around the state to see what’s on their mind.

“It’s about communicating that I care to show up and visit with a bunch of college students who I’m not looking to write me checks, obviously,” he added with a grin. “They’ve got to save their money for their own ramen noodles and pizzas to buy.”

Ross Smith, the Chairman of Purdue College Republicans–along with several other members of the organization–were in attendance at the Congressman’s visit. While Smith noted that his organization will not officially take a position on a candidate until the primary election, he still wished to show his own support and get college GOP members to meet as many Senate candidates as they can.

“The Congressman’s REINS Act, that pretty much all the GOP candidates have accepted as something that needs to happen, is a huge accomplishment of his,” Smith said. “It really has become nationally known, which would allow for pretty much any regulation that comes up to have to go before Congress before an up or down vote. That’s something that he’s nationally renowned for.”

Renner Winston, President Pro Tempore of Purdue Student Government, said he wanted to meet Todd Young to get a better idea of who represented him, so that he in turn could better represent Purdue students. Winston noted that his personal beliefs on foreign policy were precisely in line with the Congressman’s.

“He really spoke on his military history and his plans to help defend the country, so I really respect his stances on that,” Winston said.

Young emphasized his focus on representing the interests of everyday conservative people who may not always be actively involved in public debates regarding national policy.

“I’m a conservative running for people who aren’t always political people,” Young said. “My parents are conservatives…My dad’s a small businessman, and my mom’s a nurse. They’re conservative, but they didn’t grow up attending political meetings. They were taking care of a family.”

Many like-minded people have lost faith in the promises made to them by liberal politicians, Young said. Conservatives, including many small-business owners who are struggling with Obamacare, are desperate for real solutions.

Young said his campaign moves forward with those people in his mind.

“My focus is on making sure that we provide solutions to people like that, who are tired of the rhetoric,” Young said. “They’ve heard the left’s talking points, empty slogans, and clever campaigning. Strident rhetoric is unimpressive to them. They want solutions, they want results, and so I’m running for them.”

Young stated that the most fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to keep the nation safe and secure. He argued that his military background, his experience in leadership in the Naval Academy and his training in counter terrorism uniquely qualifies him to serve as a member of the federal government who regularly supports national security interests.

“Even people right here in Tippecanoe county Indiana are not going to feel safe if we continue to get hit by terrorist attacks or if there’s the prospect of nuclear devices being delivered to our shores through intercontinental ballistic missiles,” Young said. “It’s not crazy talk. These developments are ongoing right now, so we have to stay actively involved in the world to develop alliances and deter aggression.”

“As I say sometimes, I’d love it if we could just send in the Marines, but you know what? Hoosiers can send in one,” he said.