Purdue University, meet Zone District

By Megan Neely | Communications Specialist

While Purdue University continues to grow, how can students stand out amongst 40,000 others? How can students create an individual brand or form self-expression? With this up and coming clothing line, students can now distinguish themselves from the rest. Students can now enter their own, unique and self-expressed, ZONE DISTRICT.

Zone District is a clothing line designed to empower the youth of our world. The line was developed based around the idea of uniqueness to encourage young people to live their dreams. One of the five founders and lead facilitators, Zurum O., expressed how the clothing line was created to prevent the world from keeping young people in a box.  Zone District, as a clothing line, represents what each and every one of us wants; to stand out, but to also be recognized and respected,” Zurum said.

Zurum is a freshman at Purdue University studying engineering and economics. Zurum’s dream for the clothing line was developed while he was very young, but came to fruition five years ago in high school. “Zone” and “District” seemed to create the quickly growing empowerment that Zurum saw for the future. The five founders, coming from around the world, have brought their insights to Zone District. In countries ranging from Canada and the United States, to England and Nigeria, Zurum, along with Ugonna I., Trevor K., Timothy M. and Saleema S., have collaborated on the creation. Self-expression, uniqueness, and desire to defy conformity, formed the consensus for a clothing line that existed to empower the youth.

Currently, Zone District is targeting young people (on college campuses) and working on starting a Brand Ambassador Program at Purdue. Although Zurum believes the style can be worn by anyone, the brand is working on starting different avenues of clothing from formal attire to swimwear.

For the future, Zurum and his team are hoping to enhance brand recognition by improving sales and reach across various markets. Another aspect they wish to achieve is more support – in and out. They want to lend more support in any way they can to other young people reaching for their dreams, while also earning support for Zone District in return. Lastly, they want to learn and implement. Through their past experiences and background in many locations around the world, they want to apply their styles and cultures into current designs to further develop the uniqueness of Zone District.

As Zurum and his team started at a young age, they have a lot to look forward to and a great path of opportunity ahead. “Zone District is unique and awesome because we are fortunate enough to gain a lot of real-world experience in running an organization from the age of 13,” Zurum said. “I’m looking forward to being able to know that one day there will be young people across the globe that are supported in their efforts to achieve greatness by Zone District.”

For more information regarding Zone District, visit http://www.zonedistrict.com, or http://zonedistrict.tumblr.com.

Twitter: @ZoneDistrict, Instagram: @zonedistrict
Editor’s Note: The author of this piece, Megan Neely, is a marketing employee for Zone District.