Purdue Engineering Student Council to conduct 2016 EXPO Career Fair

By Chrishan Fernando

The 2016 EXPO Career Fair is scheduled to be in Mackey Arena on Monday, Feb. 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EXPO is a one-day career fair organized by Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) for students in engineering, science and technology majors.  

Johnathon Kenneally, EXPO Director and sophomore in Industrial Engineering, was in charge of the PESC committee that organized this year’s EXPO Career Fair. He had committee members who worked on various aspects of preparations including registration, hospitality, publications and facilities.

EXPO has traditionally taken place on a Tuesday, with company seminars occurring the day before. However, there is a basketball game at Mackey Arena this Tuesday so the EXPO committee decided to conduct both the career fair and the seminars on Monday. Kenneally said the EXPO committee has thought about other potential venues for future years so as to avoid a problem like this. One idea was to have EXPO at the indoor football practice field. Kenneally said doing so “could be really cool and it would help prevent future problems like that from coming up.”

The EXPO committee implemented a new registration system this year to make it easier for companies to register for the event. In addition, the EXPO committee also created a mobile application for company recruiters. In previous years, Purdue Career Fair+ was available to provide students with information about the event but this is the first year that there is also a version of the app for recruiters.

“We’re really looking forward to getting feedback about that after the fair,” Kenneally said.

About 165 companies are attending EXPO this year. Roughly one-fourth of those companies will also have a company seminar Monday evening at Krannert. A full list of company seminars can be found on the PESC website or on the app Purdue Career Fair+.

“I’m really excited,” Kenneally said. “We’ve done a lot of preparing, especially in the last couple of weeks. The preparations are something that we have been doing for four or five months so it’s something that we’re really prepared for and we’ve done the event plenty of times in the past so we know what to expect.”