Upcoming Year for College Republicans

The Purdue Chapter of the College Republicans has an exciting but challenging year ahead of them. Among the goals of the CRs are to build their membership base, enhance excitement about conservatism, and seek out “closet” conservatives on campus in an attempt to get them actively involved. Mike Cunningham, the president of CRs, says that he wants his organization to be known as “the biggest alternative to other opinionated political groups.” He believes that true Republicans “cannot be afraid to be an elephant” on a college campus. More importantly, he believes that it is essential to promote the culture and values of young conservatives. “This isn’t your grandfather’s Republican Party,” exclaimed Cunningham at a recent meeting. In order to spread the word out about CRs, Cunningham and his newly elected executive board plan to directly market to students who show an interest in conservatism or politics in general.

Despite his busy schedule for the upcoming semester, Cunningham stepped up as the president in order to improve the club. While most of the events and speakers for the upcoming year are still in the planning stages, the CRs feel that the club is on the right track for growth despite some of its setbacks in membership last year. In order to build the CRs back up, Cunningham feels that conservatives cannot “just sit around and talk about stuff.” Instead, they need to “do their homework and not just accept things said in the media as true.” With this being the case, Cunningham states that one of the purposes of the CRs will be to be engaged in what is going on the world, expose leftist policies and problems, and derive conservative solutions.

Most of the events that the CRs will have for the upcoming year are still in the planning stages. As the midterm election approaches, the group plans to set up yard signs for local leaders that they see fit to represent local districts. In addition, they plan to meet and work with Indiana Secretary of State, Todd Rokita, on October 21st. One of the events that the CRs already had is the “Never Forget” project on September 11th. This event was designed to remember the lives of those who were lost in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.  One upcoming activity is “No More Che Day,” planned for  October 8th. This event is devoted to exposing who the Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara really was. Che has been known to have an influence among some college students in the past. T-shirts and posters of Che are still sold in many stores near colleges campuses. The purpose of “No More Che Day” is not to say that you can’t wear his shirt, but to learn about who he was, what he said, and what he did before doing so.

The CRs also plan to have several speakers throughout the school year. While no speakers have been officially scheduled, the group hopes to bring a conservative feminist during feminist week and a conservative African American during black history month. Some of the groups past speakers include State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, State Representative Randy Truitt, State Senator Brandt Hershman, U.S. Congressman Steve Buyer, and conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

The College Republicans are looking forward to a strong year of development. If you would like to check out what the CRs have to offer, you can come to one of their meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm in Krannert G-12. There is always free pizza for those in attendance. If you wish to join CRs for the year, there is an annual $15 membership fee that covers funds for social events. You will also receive a free “Don’t Be An Ass” t-shirt in thanks for supporting the club.

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