Steven and Joe: Tangible, immediate results

By Natalia Galica | managing editor

Purdue Student Government presidential candidate Steven Caltrider, a junior majoring in accounting, is hoping to make a big impact if he is elected into office. He and his running mate, an agriculture major named Joe Lincoln, have based their campaign around realistic and immediate results.

Caltrider’s main motivation for running lies in his positive experience at Purdue. “The University has given me so much and I just want to give back, make a difference for the students at this great University,” he stated on his campaign webpage. Joe Lincoln similarly wants to give back to the University that has taught him so much. “I’ve chosen to run for Student-Body Vice President not only as a means to leave a legacy, but also to further the ideals that make Purdue and Boilermakers alike part the environment I’m proud to call home.” Both candidates have experience working in PSG, in addition to many other student organizations.

They want students to understand that their goals are to have tangible changes from day 1 after they have been elected. Their campaign intends to focus on communication and spending the student dollar wisely.

Caltrider and Lincoln state in their platform that they wish for PSG to be more transparent with students about what they are doing. They hope to implement this by creating a newsletter outlining what PSG is doing to help students and by hosting a monthly town hall meeting so that the students they represent will be able to voice their opinions. Additionally, they hope to increase communication between student organizations to create a sense of unity within the Purdue community.

It is clear that as a Krannert student, Caltrider has an interest in economics and helping students be fiscally responsible. He hopes to amend the On-the-Go plan to help students get the most out of their money. Also, they wish to make a push for tax-free textbooks to encourage students to purchase their books from the on-campus bookstores. Overall, they want to make sure that PSG is responsibly investing money in what students want, based on surveys.

If you want to see tangible results, vote for Steven Caltrider and Joe Lincoln for PSG President and Vice President.

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