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Simple Plan is an alternative rock/pop punk band from Montreal, Quebec. As a celebration of their release of  No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls back in 2002, they went on a 15th anniversary tour and ended it with a completely free show at Slayter Hill on September 22nd.

The concert began at 7:00P.M. and Future Thieves served as Simple Plan’s opener. They are a four-piece alternative rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Two members, Nick Goss (drums) and Austin McCool (guitar) are Purdue alumni, so they were very happy to be back at their alma mater, playing for homecoming weekend. McCool mentioned that he lived in Tarkington Residence Hall, and he showed a lot of pride in that. By the time Future Thieves went onstage, there was already a large turnout filled with a mix of students, as well as family members and local residents, who heard about the show and arrived early to support the opening band.

At intermission however, the crowd grew immensely and crept progressively closer to the stage while expanding all the way to the top of Slayter Hill. Whoever chose the intermission music did a great job deliberately picking songs that are classics and within the same genre as the two bands. The song choices by bands such as Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 enabled the crowd to sing along and bond with each other before Simple Plan even came on, which helped set the tone and environment to kick off the show.

Simple Plan finally ran onstage at about 8:15P.M. and opened their set with “I’d Do Anything,” which is the first song on No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. Because that album was the main focus of this particular tour, they played it in full, which consisted of twelve tracks. When Pierre Bouvier (lead singer) whipped out his acoustic guitar, those familiar with the band knew it was time for one of their most well-known songs, “Perfect.” At that point, lighters and cell-phone flashlights were raised up high, and the majority of the audience was able to sing along.  Just when girls started to get off guys’ shoulders, Simple Plan came back on with a different backdrop and Pierre in a different shirt and performed an additional seven encore songs from other albums, including the song, “Boom!” from their newest album, Taking One for the Team, released in 2016. Simple Plan’s set was a total of about 75 minutes, and it was phenomenal. They brought all kinds of nostalgia to the audience, which varied from people who have never heard of either of the bands and just wanted to do something free on a Friday night, to students and parents who have been listening to Simple Plan since their first album came out and knew every lyric to every song.


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