By Lexie Armand | Director of Photography and Design

History definitely does repeat itself as some students walking down Sheetz Street can tell you.  On the morning of April 7, students found that Silver Bow, the horse statue standing on the lawn of Yue-Kong Pao Hall, had been hit by a car.

Savanna Robison, a junior in interior design, was very surprised to see that the sculpture was overturned when she arrived at Pao on Saturday morning.  Robison said, “I was shocked this morning when I went by and didn’t see the horse standing up.”

This also happened in August of 2014 when a 22-year-old driver went the wrong direction down West Wood Street, a one way street at the time, and drove over the curb and into the sculpture.  The sculpture was then repaired by artist Deborah Butterfield, and used in an exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens before being reinstalled in November of 2015. Kara Mason, also a junior in interior design, reacted to the news that the statue had once again been damaged by an automobile by saying, “I’m surprised they didn’t move the statue farther from the road after it was hit the first time.”

The most recent accident involving the bronze sculpture pushed the statue over, moving some rocks along the way, and breaking one of the front legs.  Some pieces of the automobile were seen on the ground near the statue, including a windshield wiper arm that appeared to be caught on one of the statue’s pieces.  However, the car appears to have driven away based on the muddy tire tracks leading from the scene of the accident.