Shooting the breeze: Purdue University’s sharpshooters

By Alexandra Armand

Every week a group of Purdue students meet for shots—shots at their targets that is.

Purdue’s second oldest club, the Rifle and Pistol Club, meets each Monday evening in the Armory to provide students with an educational opportunity that they will not receive in their classes.  The club offers an opportunity for education on gun safety and use.

“We love to have the opportunity to teach people from all over the globe about shooting sports,” said the competitive Rifle and Pistol Team, which runs recreational club practices. “Some people are unable to own guns where they live, and we love to be able to teach them how to shoot in a safe environment.”

Students of any level of experience or skill are welcome to attend recreational shooting where they will go through safety certification before they are able to practice independently. Once safety certification is complete, students can use one of the club’s firearms and practice their marksmanship.

Students who are interested in learning about gun operation and safety are welcome to join the Rifle and Pistol Club on Monday evenings at 8:00 PM for recreational shooting in the Armory.

For more information, visit the Purdue Rifle and Pistol Club Facebook page, or email Lake Yoke at