Purdue University Student Concert Committee

By Megan Neely | Communications Specialist Team

The Student Concert Committee at Purdue University is yet another opportunity for Purdue students to gain experience for their future careers, as well as make the most of their involvement in college. The Student Concert Committee (SCC) is an organization through Purdue Convocations that consists of 16 committee members who are interested in the entertainment industry. These members are chosen through applications and an interview process to be apart of a team that advises all musical and entertainment events for Purdue Convocations. Purdue Convocations is Purdue University’s organization that puts on all live events on the West Lafayette campus. From comedy acts to big-time music artists, Convocations successfully oversees and organizes these events for Purdue students. For the SCC, committee members have the responsibility of marketing, promoting, and analyzing popular trends in order for Convocations to put on events that will attract a large variety of student interests. As a member of SCC, members gain internship experience by advising Convocations on popular entertainment trends while selecting performance acts, promoting and marketing the sale of tickets, and working backstage during shows. The SCC’s efforts are crucial for the success of all events.

Sophomore, Raychal Asuras, is one of the 16 members on the SCC and is on the Marketing Team within the committee. Her responsibilities include brainstorming the most effective ways to spread the word about events and upcoming shows through social media and other mediums. She explained that although each member has specific responsibilities, the committee works as a team to come up with ideas and promote events. From relationships with the public to artist interactions, Asuras explained the impact of her responsibilities as a committee member. The relationship between the SCC and the Purdue community is important because the committee relies heavily on student interest to make sure they can bring the best artists to campus. Asuras explained the significance of the SCC’s work with the artists on the day of each show, comparing the experience to a full-time job. The opportunity brings to light future experiences with a real-world career, allowing students to step into the entertainment industry during their time in college. Asurus said the experiences with recruiting talent, marketing the show, and working with the production of the show are all important for preparing her for her future career.

“My favorite thing about the SCC is the experience I have gained from it. I am interested in working in the entertainment industry so being able to get this kind of experience on campus is amazing,” Asuras said. “I’ve learned a lot about how much work goes into planning and putting on a show. I couldn’t get this type of experience in any other club on campus.”

President of the organization, Junior, Paige Pope, agrees that her experiences through SCC are preparing her for a career someday, calling the opportunity, “essentially, an internship in the music business.”

“We get to not only see, but be a part of, all levels of show production. From research, to artists bids, marketing, finances, production, and backstage work, we get to touch it all,” Pope said.

She also believes that with her impact as a committee member, her team can create more cultural and diverse music to student life at Purdue. She explained how the people are her favorite part of being involved in this organization.

“To be surrounded by so many talented, motivated people who share my love of music is incredible. Each day with these people is a learning experience and an eye opener. SCC is a tribe of dedicated music lovers and I am proud to be a part of that community,” Pope said.

While the 16 members serve a two year term,  the SCC selects eight new members each year to create a team of eight experienced “two-year” members, and eight new members. This strategy helps to create an effective team dynamic to efficiently continue the growth of the organization year by year. 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the organization. The very first SCC-sponsored concert was on September 20, 1975 by Fleetwood Mac. 41 years later, the most recent concert sponsored by the SCC will be by Panic! At The Disco on April 14.

For more information about Purdue SCC, visit https://www.purdue.edu/convocations/student-concert-committee/.

As the new semester approaches in the fall, the SCC will hold their yearly call-out for eight new members to become involved in enhancing the entertainment opportunities of Purdue University students.