By: Keiana Bowie | Staff Writer

On Purdue’s campus there are various clubs and organizations offered to students, ranging from art to fencing to even martial arts. Getting involved in and around campus is something that no student should ever struggle with during their time here. Take it from three Purdue students/coaches who are actively participating in a club you might consider joining:

Boiler Green Initiative

“BGI stands for Boiler Green Initiative (BGI). BGI is a club about sustainability or the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level [in the environment]. We do different things to promote the environmental health on campus through two committees. Each committee has different projects to they do to make campus a little safer in the long run.  We also come up with cool ideas like recycling at the football games since no one really pays attention to recycling at the games. We also have a committee working on installing solar panels on the roofs of some buildings around campus. I initially joined BGI because I am very interested in learning about the environment and I wanted to learn more about how to keep things leveled around me. It’s super fun to meet people who are interested in what you are also interested in. We learn through each other about how to keep our environment safe and sound. If you’re interested in joining BGI, come to one of our meetings. We meet on Tuesday at 6PM in the Recitation building,” Alejandra Rodriguez said.

Purdue STUNT

“Our official name is Purdue STUNT and we are a new version of cheerleading. We do the stunts, tumbling, and jumps you would see in traditional cheerleading, but we focus on the skills and technique rather than doing chants or having choreography. We do skills of all different levels, so that allows us to have girls with different experience levels, even beginners. this year I am most excited about getting the word out about STUNT and getting new members. STUNT is a really great up and coming sport that not a lot of people know about yet, and we have big plans for the future. The more people we have on our team, the more we are able to do, and that’s really exciting to be able to progress as a team. STUNT meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7:30-9:30 pm at Turning Pointe Academy off of highway 52 near Menards. Since we do practice off campus, we have carpools to take girls who do not have a way to get there. If anybody is interested or wants to know more they are free to email me ( and I’d love to answer any questions,” Kristianna Reams said.

Purdue Filipino Association

The Purdue Filipino Association (PFA) is both a cultural and social student-led organization that encourages students from all backgrounds to learn about Filipino and Filipino American culture through bi-monthly meetings, socials, philanthropies, and cultural events. From fun and interactive workshops that range from Fil/Fil-Am culture, media, politics and world issues to it’s performances and acts, they are a down-to-earth group of students who enjoy collaborating and celebrating diversity. “I can’t wait to watch PFA interpret Filipino culture through great dance performances, I know they have been working really hard for a long time,” Ranee Martinez said. For more information about PFA, visit their website:

Boiler Green Initiative, Purdue Stunt, and the Purdue Filipino Association are just three of nearly 1000 clubs and organizations that are open to and for students and alumni. If you’re into art and entertainment, join a choir or visit one of the galleries. If you’re interested in sports, Purdue offers clubs in the basics like running to archery. If you’re interested in building community, stop by one of the cultural centers and sit in on a LGBTQ club meeting or seminar. But if you’re interested in writing, come join us here at the Purdue Review!