Naruto Run Around Memorial Mall

David Snyder | Editor-in-chief

Three weeks into classes, while some students are already feeling a little run down, senior Bryce Greenman organized an event to keep his and others’ spirits up. “We thought we could get out there ourselves, represent the weeb life a little bit, and anyone who wanted to get out there and run like Naruto,” Greenman said.

Originally conceived as one of many recent Facebook joke events, the Naruto run morphed into reality when Greenman and his friends decided to go through with the event after over 1,000 people responded as “interested” or “going” on Facebook.  “Some of us have been training more than others,” Greenman joked, “but that’s ok.”

Around 70 students eventually showed up, and the group took a pass up and down memorial mall before deciding to run to the fountain and call it a day. All in all, one of the more original and hilarious ways to get reinvested in the school year and blow off some steam in the midst of IR week and the first round of midterms.