By: Jan Agaton | Social Media Coordinator & Matt Cavenaile | Staff Writer


The Purdue Review took the opportunity to ask Ant Beale a few questions before he opens for Ty Dolla $ign on Saturday at Elliott Hall of Music.

Q: Tell us about your music and the progression of your career so far.

A: Alright, so… I call my genre “new nostalgia” ‘cause it gives you an old vibe but it’s not old, you know what I’m saying? And then as far as my progression, I’m definitely turning into more of a… I don’t wanna say pop artist… I’ll say mainstream. [laughs] Yeah, I’m evolving from my like, dirty Soundcloud days and cleaning up and turning into a more mainstream look and sound.

Q: So would you say that your career started on SoundCloud then?

A: Man, I started on f***in’ SoundCLICK. Like Soundclick, Reverbnation, it’s basically before Soundcloud. It’s basically like the MySpace music days when… I don’t know, if you wasn’t around before it, it’s hard to explain. It’s like the Soundcloud era before the Soundcloud era, it’s like the era right before that.

Q: How did you start becoming more well-known and getting more fans?

A: Really, after I dropped my E.P. with Charlie Heat (producer signed to Kanye West) last January; that really was the big boost, you know, it got the songs like “Sunshine” and “Dirty Taurus” got picked up and that really was the start of it.

Q: Speaking of your newest single, “Sunshine,” did you mean for it to be a rap version of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” by any chance?

A: Exactly! It started out as a joke because I was recording at my house and I was just f***ing around with it, and my friend was like, “Nah bro, chill out.” And that fueled my fire. I was like, “Now I’m definitely about to do it,” so I just did it, and then it just ended up being dope. It’s crazy because most people my age don’t even know who the f**k she is… Natasha who? But that’s what I’m saying, my influences are way different; that’s why I’m able to do shit like that.

Q: Who are your other biggest influences or inspirations?

A:  Definitely [inaudible], A$AP, Kanye West, Shi*… the Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, f***in Linkin Park, 50 cent, of course, yeah, my shi* is all over the place ‘cause my dad had like all the rap shi* covered and then my mom was always listening to the pop and rock and all that kinda stuff so I definitely got the best of both worlds.

Q: Where was your favorite show so far and why?

A: My favorite show so far had to be Day and Nights festival at the Anaheim Andrew stadium. I’m not sure if it was because it was in California, but just the reception of the crowd…the people who were there really came to enjoy a good show and that’s what we did, so the energy was just unmatched, you know?

Q: Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you onstage?

A: Oh shi*, hell yeah, bro! I was performing in Philly and I had this blow up dolphin and I went to crowd surf on it, and everybody just moved out the way and I went down and I’m just layin there on my belly, on this dolphin, and I dropped the mic and everything. It was like, “Oops.” I was lit, though. You know what it was? I jumped on top of like, a bunch of girls and they was like, “nah bro you got the wrong ones, I didn’t come here for this.”

Q: Have you crowd surfed successfully before that?

A: Hell yeah, before and after. I don’t know what it was; I guess I was being lazy that day.

Q: Do you ever get really nervous before a show?

A: Yeah bro. Honestly I was nervous before the one in California, the Day and Nights festival. I mean, you know it happens from time to time.

Q: How did you get the opportunity to work with Ty Dolla $ign? Have you worked with him before or any of the other artists in the show at all?

A: Yeah, well, my management team has a good relationship with him. And Charlie actually, you know, works with him frequently. So I’m not really… I think it mighta been my booking agent who like, set it in stone. Like I said, my management team is really cool with him and his team and his manager, Will, and them from Taylor Gang so I think it was kinda like, they just set the oop up for me and then my booking agent just locked it in.

Q: Do you have a good relationship with Ty? Have you been able to talk to him a lot or is he usually pretty busy?

A: Actually I was in the studio with him once. He prolly don’t even remember, but I was with Charlie, and this was last year when my stuff was really picking up. So I was in the studio, you know, being a fly on the wall, and it was actually him and PARTYNEXTDOOR in the session so I was just watching and learning, but the most I’ve said to Ty is just like, “Yo whats up” and a hand shake. I haven’t really got to talk to him talk to him like that, but I’m sure that we’ll link on Saturday.

Q: Can you talk about your creative process when you start making music?

A: So my creative process is like… I need like, inspiration, right? So it could come from anything but before I’m gonna go record I kinda just try and recap how I’m feelin with people, or specific people in certain situations. Then I literally just throw a beat on, and when a song comes to me I don’t have to think about it. The hook will just come, like naturally, you know what I’m sayin? So, that’s my process. The more I have to think about the song, the more I have to try, and the worse it becomes, so I don’t really have a set method. I just go into every song based on how I feel at that moment. And I usually have a bunch of notes on my phone; like, specific words or sentences that I might wanna use later.

Q: Do you have any advice you’d like to share for musicians who may not have a huge audience but they’d like to grow?

A: YES, yes, yes. Basically, if it’s hot, somebody’s gonna find it. And you shouldn’t let the numbers dictate how you feel about it. If you think your shi* is dope, and you know it’s fire, then just keep going, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll be good.

Q: So what’s next after the Purdue show?

A: So after Saturday, I’m actually about to go on a tour. March 2nd, I believe, is the first show, and we’re doing like, twenty-one cities all West Coast and down South. So it’s a mix of all the main California cities, and then Utah… Arizona, and like, all of Texas. I’m co-headlining with Rob $tone.

Q: Are you excited for Saturday?

A: I’m excited as shi*! It’s actually my first university show, so I think I’ll be turnt up.

Q: Where would be the best place to listen to your music or get to know more about you?

A: My website’s actually about to launch on Friday, but the best place to find everything you need to know about me, for right now, is Instagram, and when I drop my website Friday, the link will be on there as well.

Instagram: @antbeale_

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