Haddix and McKinney: What does dreaming big mean to you?

by Emilia Czyszczon | staff writer

Bobby Haddix and Caroline McKinney have BIG dreams for Purdue next year, as they look forward in serving the Purdue student body. The idea of dreaming BIG stands for Boilermakers, Inclusion, and Growth. Bobby Haddix, a junior studying industrial engineering, has been involved with Purdue Student Government since his freshman year, serving in multiple roles including Associate Director and as the Executive Director of Student Engagement. He is dreaming big, by chasing his dream to serve as the next Purdue Student Government president. His running mate, Caroline McKinney, is a junior studying communications and pre-law. She has also been active in Purdue Student Government and served as an Associate Director and the Director of Communications. She dreams BIG by hoping to give back by empowering Purdue students.

As a part of their Dreaming BIG campaign, Bobby and Caroline address immediate initiatives, dreams they hope to begin during their term as president and vice president, and a short list of the rest of their ideas they have for each letter of the acronym.

The “B” stands for Boilermakers which is meant for students not to just have a typical college experience but have a Boilermaker experience and embrace the Purdue passion and family. The immediate plan they hope to implement as a part of the Boilermaker experience is turning end of the course evaluations into mid semester evaluations, where students can see direct benefits while still enrolled within the course.

The “I” represents Inclusion by representing all diverse backgrounds of students at Purdue. The dream Bobby and Caroline have for inclusion is creating an Asian Cultural Center on campus. As the third most diverse campus in the United States, Purdue is proud to hold this position which puts us on the map as one of the most recognizable universities in the globalized world. However, the Asian community is  Purdue’s largest minority group and lacks a cultural center. The plan for longer term implementation is to gain support from the Board of Trustees, the Diversity and Inclusion office, and alumni.

The last letter, “G”, symbolizes growth as a Purdue community, growing as individual Boilermakers and growing outside the classroom. As a part of their agenda, they list a growing representation in the local and state levels. In comparison to other “college” towns such as the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and  the University of Wisconsin in Madison, our own Purdue University is not as well integrated with the local Greater Lafayette community. The idea of growing representation shadows what the local community hopes to do with Purdue, specifically the Quality of Life Council which is a part of the Greater Lafayette Chamber. The outside community wants to work with Purdue and this would be an excellent vehicle for both parties to grow together.

So what does “Dreaming Big” mean to you? Bobby and Caroline think we can make our dreams a reality.

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