David Snyder | Business Manager

After opening in August 2014, Fresh City Market has provided students on campus with convenient, healthy options for grocery shopping. However, as of January 17th, Fresh City is officially closed.

The closing came as a surprise to students and staff alike, and without much warning. Fresh City’s parent company, SpartanNash, didn’t tell staff about the close until December 26, and Fresh City was told to start turning truck shipments away that day, according to store clerks.

Many students are upset about the closing, especially students without vehicles on campus. The only option for these students is to take the long bus ride up to Walmart and back, a process made even more challenging if you need to carry more than two bags worth of groceries on the bus.

When asked about the reason for the close, store manager Amy McClannen said that they did not want to close, but that the decision was out of their hands. When pressed for more, McClannen replied that SpartanNash has told Fresh City staff not to talk to the press, and that all inquires about the close must be made through their headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The staff even had to turn away camera crews from WLFI news.

Whether the reason for the closure was a completely financial decision or if there were other, more personal reasons on the part of SpartanNash, it is certain that Fresh City Market has had a major impact on the Purdue community, and that it is a pressing concern to find a replacement local grocery store for the area. The space will remain vacant for the time being, hopefully attracting another vendor willing to contact SpartanNash about taking over their rent for the property. Until then, Purdue students will have to travel off campus to meet their grocery needs.

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