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by Natalia Galica | Managing Editor

In case you missed all of the chalk around campus, it is election season at Purdue University. Students representing the colleges will compete to earn votes and favor among their peers to be elected senators, vice president, and president on April 7-9.

Yesterday, two hopeful students introduced themselves as the vice presidential candidates for 2014. Joe Lincoln, a junior studying applied agriculture economics and entrepreneurship, and Caroline McKinney, a junior studying communication, had a chance to defend their platforms as they faced questions about policy, hot topics, and various audience questions.

There were very few things the two candidates didn’t agree on when it came to issues such as a new trimester calendar, the new smoking ban, and PSG communication with students. The only difference was how they hope to implement their goals.

Lincoln and his running-mate, Steven Caltrider, hope to implement changes from day one. They hope to “achieve tangible results for the student body” immediately, according to their campaign website. They want to represent students in an effective and fiscally conservative way by spending the student dollar responsibly and in ways that the students would approve of, such as updating the On-the-Go system to help students get more for their money.

McKinney, who is running with Bobby Haddix, emphasized the long-term goals of the administration. This was echoed in their slogan DreamBIG. The B, I, and G stand for boilermaker, inclusion, and growth, respectively. Overall, they want to increase communication among students and organizations and implement enduring- but not quickly implemented- goals. One of the more intriguing policy points is the goal for a new, safer night transportation system that would be a “mix between a taxi and a sober ride”.

Both students showed enthusiasm and passion during the debate and had solid ideas for implementing change.

For more on Steven and Joe, visit http://votestevenandjoe14.com/home/

For more on Haddix and McKinney, visit http://haddix-mckinney.com/

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