Concerning the Alcohol Moratorium

As of Thursday morning, September 23rd, 2010, alcohol possession is prohibited on all residences on Purdue’s campus, mandating all Greek houses and cooperatives go dry. The decision was made by the presidents of Purdue’s Greek houses and cooperatives in consultation with the Purdue Administration. In the past, houses have had the authority to police themselves through the Interfraterity Council, PanHellenic Council, Cooperative council and other groups. Under the new policy, however, the various arms of these organizations responsible for policing the houses will be dissolved and the houses will be directly policed by the Purdue Police Department.

There was little notice given to houses that this policy was under consideration, nor that it would be implemented literally overnight. For years, fraternities and cooperatives have had the freedom to host functions with alcohol as long as rules followed to prevent abusive. Past policies have sought to balance the danger of irresponsible and underage drinking with the inescapable fact that no matter the policy, students will drink and are served by having a safe and regulated place to do so. Under the new policy, not only will functions be prohibited, any kind of personal possession will also be in violation of policy.

The Wednesday night decision comes after the death of Julissa Murphy who died Sunday after choking on her vomit. Although a superficial analysis may attribute such a tragic death to drinking, empirical evidence will not be publicly available until the Tippecanoe County Corner releases a toxicology report in the coming weeks. It is currently unknown what weight the Purdue Administration placed on the house presidents who have endorsed the new policy, however, such a decision is rare as the various councils typically meet and operate independently of each other.

The full press release from the Interfraternity Council can be found here. Purdue President France Cordova is expected to make an announcement regarding this policy on Thursday morning.

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