Japan Student Association Club

By Keiana Bowie | Staff Writer

Whether you’re an international student or an hour away from where you grew up, being away from home and succumbing to the new found pressure of living on your own is something most students go through as their adult life begins. Students come to Purdue with high hopes of making their surroundings feel just like home. Some do just that while others seem to struggle and that’s where Purdue’s clubs and on campus organizations come into play, hoping to make it feel just like home. Some do just that, while others struggle.

Take it from Lena Wiles, a freshman here at Purdue who grew up in America while her roots developed in Japan. Wiles had never met anyone who shared a similar heritage as she did until she stepped foot on campus. Wiles was able to attend the callout meeting for the Japan Student Association. This club was designed to get people involved on campus and spread Japanese culture.

“I was kind of nervous because I was expecting to be the only person who didn’t speak Japanese fluently and I was expecting to see a lot of Japanese students,” Wiles said. “There were some but there were also many other students with several different backgrounds that I would have never guessed to be there.”

To cover the costs of the club, students pay a fee of $10 for the year or $5 for a semester. Students who join are also given a yearly discount card for specific restaurants around or near campus. With the club dues, the Japan Student Association holds multiple events throughout the year that showcase Japanese culture through cultural teachings with guest speakers and Japanese cuisine.

“My goal for this club is to make new friends who are like me so we can relate to one another while learning about Japanese culture,” Wiles said. The club is welcoming to people of all cultures. So don’t be shy! The Japan Student Association holds meetings on Mondays in the Physics Building at 6pm.


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

By Sarah Komanapalli

Purdue AMSA is undergraduate student organization geared towards helping its members prepare for careers in medicine. The group supports several programs to assist with medical school preparation, find volunteer opportunities, along with fun events to meet others passionate about medicine. At the national level AMSA seeks to involve “its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine”. This year, Purdue AMSA has a variety of events planned including a suture lab, cadaver lab, and a medical student Q&A panel. There is also a mentoring program for freshman and sophomores would like guidance navigating the path to medical school. Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to mentor underclassmen. Members are also kept up to date on current volunteering opportunities. For those getting ready to take the MCAT or apply to medical school, AMSA will have events to help prepare. Callout is September 7th at 6pm in WTHR 104.


A Cause for Paws

By Jan Agaton | Staff Writer

If you missed the callout meeting for A Cause for Paws, well, first of all, you missed out.  The club officers announced that there is usually a dog or two that will pop in for a visit, and at the callout, our guests were two Bernese Mountain puppies named Indy and Leia who were extremely happy to be there.  They made their rounds throughout the room for endless pets and “aww’s” while everyone devoured Papa John’s pizza.  A Cause for Paws strives to bring awareness and raise money for no-kill animal shelters in the Lafayette and West Lafayette area through Purdue campus events.  One of their past events was “Howl-O-Ween,” in which they gathered adoptable dogs to dress up in various Halloween costumes and hang around campus for people to meet and learn about while enjoying snacks and drinks.

 Aside from Purdue grounds, A Cause for Paws takes up to six students every other weekend to volunteer at Natalie’s Second Chance in Lafayette.  Natalie, the owner, has maintained this small no-kill shelter with about ten to twelve dogs at a time for many years now. A Cause for Paws meets every other Monday in Beering at 6:30P.M.  The meetings are typically shorter because the officers take into consideration that members have busy schedules, so joining would not be at all time-consuming.  Not only does this group execute support for a good cause, but it is also a huge stress-reliever to interact with the animals, especially knowing you will be contributing to their lives in a way that may seem small to you but is extremely significant.

Follow Indy & Leia’s Instagram: @notabearrug


Disney Appreciation Club

By Jan Agaton | Staff Writer

It’s so captivating to think of being able to just show up and watch a classic Disney movie with a nice slice of pizza in hand, or attend a trivia night for some friendly competition with people who love Disney just as much as I do.  Part of the club’s mission statement is to “provide [students with] the same enriching feeling Walt Disney Pictures gave us all as children: whimsical youthfulness.” Disney Appreciation Club meets at 6:30P.M every other Tuesday night in various buildings, depending on availability per week. In addition to movie and trivia nights, there are also occasional karaoke nights if you want to show off the fact that you know every word to “Let It Go” or “A Whole New World.”  Some of the bonds that people form through this club and their passion for all things Disney become so strong that they even take some group activities off-campus, such as when several members went ice skating last February. I haven’t heard of any other school with a club like this one; it immediately sparked my interest because I figured it would be extremely useful when I need a break from studying for finals, or from life in general.

Purdue Pet-a-Puppy

By Alexandra Armand | Director of Photography

The Purdue Pet-a-Puppy Club is a service-oriented organization centered around helping dogs.  The club hosts social and community service events such as Pet-a-Puppy Days which are open to the public, and opportunities for members to volunteer at shelters.  This year, the Pet-a-Puppy Club will be partnering with the K9 Club in order to increase volunteer options for the K9 Club and educational opportunities for the Pet-a-Puppy Club.  This club is great for animal lovers who want to be involved in the community and make friends of all species!  If you want to learn more about this organization, email purduepapc@gmail.com, or go to https://boilerlink.purdue.edu/submitter/form/start/137765 to be added to their mailing list.



By Alexandra Armand | Director of Photography

The Purdue ASID/IIDA Chapter is an organization for students interested in interior design.  This club hosts a variety of educational and social events, as well as works to inform the community about the interior design profession.  Interior design goes far beyond decorating, and takes far more time and effort than HGTV shows.  Purdue ASID/IIDA aims to shed light on what they really do in the classroom, as well as in the professional world.  The club encourages students of all majors to join, and plans to host educational events that can be helpful and exciting for anyone.  The ASID/IIDA call out meeting will be on Thursday, September 7, at 6:00 PM in PAO room 1197.  For more information, email purdueasidandiida@gmail.com.