Jan Agaton | Social Media Coordinator


In case you don’t know, CHAARG is a national organization hosted at over fifty universities with a huge community of girls in college who share their passions for “finding their fit.” In addition to working out together at studio spotlights, such as Zumba and CrossFit, as well as working out together in small groups every week, CHAARG also hosts several social events, including bowling, brunch, and trivia night.

At the end of the semester, CHAARG plans a retreat day, in which the whole chapter goes somewhere off-campus for an entire day to get to know each other better and participate in fun activities. For Spring 2018, they decided to carpool thirty members to Turkey Run State Park, located about an hour away from Purdue in Parke County, on Saturday, April 14th for a day of hiking.

Earlier that week, the weather forecast indicated thunderstorms throughout the entire day, so CHAARG was extremely close to canceling the retreat and started discussing alternative activities closer to home. Thankfully, by Thursday night, the forecast cleared up for most of the day; there were still expected showers during the early hours of the trip, but it became a unanimous agreement to risk the trek over there anyway.

The girls met at CoRec at 9A.M. to head out for the day and arrived back to campus around 10P.M.

The CHAARG Executive Members rented out the Big Log Shelter on site, which is where everyone hung out while it rained before lunchtime and where the group activities were hosted. Prior to eating lunch provided by the Exec team, the group played the classic ice breaker game, “Two Truths, One Lie.” After everyone learned some new facts about each other, there were “breakout sessions,” in which mini groups were formed to answer questions that were a little more personal, such as, “Who inspires you?” and “What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?”

After lunchtime, the skies cleared up and everybody was ready to go hiking. They split up into groups depending on who wanted to take on which trail and agreed to meet back at the shelter at around 5PM.

When 5:00 rolled around, some groups arrived back earlier than others and set up their hammocks to soak up the sun. Some girls took naps, some hung out at the shelter until everyone else came back, and some chose to walk over to the Bird Observatory.

But before anyone did anything, everyone had to dry up their socks and shoes or change into new ones because the rain made it very, very muddy out there. Some groups decided to be extra adventurous and climbed up alongside waterfalls. A few girls said they saw a snake on one of the trails. Other girls made it back to the shelter without using a map.

Needless to say, everybody had a grand time hiking and were starving afterwards. The original plan was to have a cookout dinner, but they didn’t want to risk it in case it rained again, so CHAARG drove over to Pizza Hut in Crawfordsville and devoured eight large pizzas in less than ten minutes.

It turned out to be a beautiful day to hike after only a couple hours of rain, so everyone was very satisfied with the executive decision to risk driving an hour, despite the possible outcome. The CHAARG community is so strong that the members were willing to spend the day however the weather allowed them to, as long as they spent it with other CHAARG girls.