Ag Week 2016 Goes Beyond the Field

Students from Purdue University’s College of Agriculture kicked off their annual Ag Week on Monday, April 10.  Founded in 2012, Ag Week is a student-organized event, which “allows College of Agriculture students the opportunity to share their passion for the agricultural industry with fellow Purdue students through peer-to-peer interactions at events across campus” according to Amy Burbrink, a senior in the College of Agriculture.  This year’s theme was “Beyond the Field,” which focuses on sharing non-traditional components of agriculture.

The educational week, which involved various opportunities to interact with animals, getting free food, and learn about the agriculture industry as well as clubs and programs in the College of Agriculture, began with the Dairy Club’s “Milk Monday” event, which offered free dairy products and the opportunity to take photos with and pet dairy calves.

“Milk Monday is for sure my favorite part of Ag Week!” said sophomore Kate Wurzelbacher, a student in Animal Science and member of the Dairy Club.  She added, “Dairy Club is really good at public education on the dairy industry and there is free milk and grilled cheese!”

But Milk Monday was only the beginning.  Various organizations in the College of Agriculture organized events to promote their specialties within agriculture.  Each day included different activities ranging from the Food Finders Fundraiser hosted by the Ag Econ department and matching your major to an agricultural career with Alpha Zeta to petting kids with the Goat Club and ice cream with the Food Science Club. Kids being the formal term for baby goats in this case.

Ag Week can be particularly informative and fun for students outside of the College of Agriculture since they aren’t studying agriculture.  Marinna Davidson, an Athletic Training student in her second year at Purdue, said that Ag week is important to her because “It sheds light on many aspects of agriculture such as something as simple as where food comes from. It is an alternative approach to educating the student body on agriculture in a fun way.”  Davidson also said that the best part of Ag Week, in her opinion, is “getting to pet all of the livestock and of course ice cream!

Ag Week continued through Friday, April 15, and featured a free Ag Week Concert headlined by the Henningsnes.  For information about Ag Week activities and events, visit their Facebook (Purdue Ag Week) or Twitter (@PurdueAgWeek).