It can be difficult to make a grocery list in college, especially if you just moved into your first apartment. What do you buy, and how much should you buy? How do you buy healthy food on a budget? The following staples are cheap, and easy to make.


First, the snacky foods.

Hummus and carrots, popcorn, and apples with peanut butter are simple additions to your pantry. Popcorn is a low calorie, filling snack that is easy to pack when you are on the go. Hummus with carrots and apple with peanut butter are both fun ways to eat more vegetables or fruits and healthy fats during the day.


Next, the dinner staples.

Brown rice, frozen vegetables, and canned beans are always on my list. Since rice is filling and can be eaten with everything from chicken to tacos, it is a great idea to throw some in your shopping cart.

I also always buy some frozen vegetables. They are easy to put in the microwave and make for dinner and are cheap to buy at the store. For those who are not used to cooking, this is a great way to quickly and easily make dinner.

Finally, canned beans! Beans are a great way to get more fiber and protein in your diet, especially since they are a cheaper alternative to meat. You can buy them dried, but seeing as a can of black beans is less than a dollar, it is easier to buy the cans.


Finally breakfast food, the most important meal of the day. My favorite is plain Greek yogurt and cereal. It is cheaper to buy the yogurt in the big containers, and the cereal is a filling and quick way to eat in the morning. I realize that cereal can be sugary and more dessert-like, but types like Cheerios or Special K can be an excellent options.


So maybe the next time you are wandering around the grocery store with no idea what to get, you can find these healthy basics and throw them in the cart!