What was the most exciting thing you did over break?

By: Keiana Bowie | Staff Writer

-Lena Wiles, My Trip to Japan

“Over break, I went to Japan with my family. We visited Tokyo and Hiroshima. While in Tokyo, we went shopping and in Hiroshima we went sight seeing and visited the Peace Museum, it became a big part of Japanese culture after the bombing that happened there. And we went to the island of Nii-jima and I got to pet and feed a sika deer. The culture is so rich and vibrant in Japan, we got to see so many cool things. We even went skiing in a city that I can’t pronounce. We try to go every year to visit my mothers side of the family. I always enjoy spending time with my grandma. She makes a huge New Year’s dinner and we all eat until we’re falling over.”


-Eli Mariscal, My Trip to Rio

“I had the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I went through a study abroad program through Purdue and I was able to get six credits while I was there for 18 days. During my stay with other students, we went on day trips to different places around Rio. We visited Petropolis and went to several museums. We got a chance to stop by Sugar Loaf to see the amazing view of the city and of course we visited Christ the Redeemer. Our hotel was a two minute walk from the beach so if I wasn’t in class or somewhere in the city, you could always find me taking a nap on the beach trying to soak up as much sun as I could have before coming back to this winter’s snow. It was a grand time! We also visited a NGO (Non-governmental organization) and were able to actually teach them a few things, in return, they taught us how to samba! Their dancing is one of my favorite things about Brazilian culture.”


-Gabby Rodriguez, My Trip to Disneyland

“Since I’m from California already, I went to Disneyland with my best friend and her boyfriend. We figured why not since we wouldn’t have pay for a flight and a hotel. We decided to spend the day at there. It was fun but there were so many people. It was so packed that the waiting time for the rides were over an hour. We stood in line for an hour before we got the chance to buy our tickets, we ended up getting fast passes so we walked around downtown Disney to pass the time while we waited for our passes to get activated.”



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