By Navojit Roy | Staff writer

The Three-day startup (3DS) event is present in several universities and colleges in the US. This was the first time this event was held at Purdue University and it was held from Friday, November 10th 2017 to Sunday, November 12th 2017. The Purdue chapter of the 3DS was founded by Rahul Patni, a student at Purdue, and the organization has an organizing committee of 14 people. Groups ranged from a collection of freshmen with an idea to officially established business start-ups, but the common denominator was the passion for their idea or concept. The committee is made up of people of varied majors from engineering to liberal arts. The 3DS is basically an event that gives groups with a business model or a group that is passionate about an idea the chance to present it to a specialized panel consisting of local entrepreneurs and other successful entrepreneurs in the country. This gives the groups or startups an opportunity to receive professional feedback and interact with experts in the field.

300 people applied to present in the event, out of which 180 people were interviewed and eventually 14 groups were given the opportunity to present. The groups were assisted in coming up with their presentations by working with professionals in a workshop before the event. While a certain team was presenting the others were given the chance to observe their presentation. This gives all participants a chance to see other people’s work and compare it to their own. The event is not a competition and is more a chance for people to get exposure. The people at the end of the event seemed glad and the overall feedback I heard was very positive. The startups and groups got a chance to personally talk to the entrepreneurs to receive even more feedback and network with them. Food and drinks were available and the environment was more relaxed and accepting, giving the relatively inexperienced presenters more confidence and resulting in a more positive vibe.

The organizing committee was passionate about the event and all those who participated as well. It was received very well, and the panel of entrepreneurs seemed to enjoy the event as well. The plan is for this event to take place annually and the organizing committee would love for more people to join and participate. For the first ever 3DS event at Purdue, the event was a huge success with everyone involved satisfied.



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