About Us

In 2006, our predecessors founded this organization with two goals in mind. First, to counter the leftist media bias evident in the university’s sole news publication, The Exponent. Second, to showcase the many exceptional individuals in Purdue’s community by reaching out and giving them a voice. The Purdue Review wanted to put the spotlight on everyday Boilermakers.

Fittingly, our paper had humble beginnings. A small yet steadfast team of students gathered together, united by the mission of creating a quality conservative publication. A few years later, The Purdue Review has developed into a genuine alternative news source for Purdue students and staff. We did this by not only consistently printing differing perspectives on current events through right-leaning editorials and commentary, but also by providing real, honest coverage of you, the students.

Clubs. Social activism. Rallies. Student Government. The Purdue Review has worked tirelessly to cover the issues that you care about as a member of this community. Our founders’ mission remains in mind as our staff strives every day to continually provide Purdue with quality writing and photography free of charge and free of liberal bias.

The Purdue Review aims to continue providing coverage of relevant events and student life in a rapidly changing world. We will fight to ensure our content is rich with multiple perspectives and worldviews that other student publications refuse to show you. For as the lone center-right Purdue publication in a culture saturated with left-wing media bias, The Purdue Review feels it is our obligation to swim against the tide; to remind our readers of the conservative and libertarian ideas that are frequently left out of the conversation. We want to remind our readers that there is honor in supporting limited government, that there is virtue in defending individual liberty, and that there is nothing new, fresh or sexy about socialism.

Additionally, we are here to explore the many stories Purdue has to offer. We are here to write about the grand adventure of a Boilermaker college experience. We are here to tell your story.

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For questions about our organization and what we do, comments or any other concerns, The Purdue Review officers’ contact information can be found below.

Sarah Komanapalli, Editor-in-Chief- skomanap@purdue.edu

David Snyder, Business Manager- snyde116@purdue.edu